Bhagwati Shri Karniji Maharaj – A Biography – Part-3

Chapter VII – Mahaprayan and Some Important Lifetime Miracles Shri Karniji devoted Her long pious life to the cause of righteousness and the establishment of Bharat dharma. Devotees in difficulty received help, warriors received sound advice and blessings and the general public enjoyed a peaceful life. Impressed by Her pious life, Her divine powers, and Her success in strengthening Hinduism and its defenses, numerous devotees, from mighty warriors like the Rathore and Bhati chiefs on the one hand to common householders like Ananda carpenter and Dashrath Meghwal on the other, paid homage to Her. She could have but did not utilize […]

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Bhagwati Shri Karniji Maharaj – A Biography – Part-2

Chapter IV – Deshnok-Rao Ridmal and Mandore Development of Deshnok and improvement of the surrounding pastures now engaged Her attention. The surrounding jungle mainly consisted of old Jal trees not very palatable to the cattle. Most trees were on the way to rapid decay because of age. Residents of the new fast-growing village used wood as fuel. Very often healthy branches and trees were damaged by women and children gathering fuel. The depletion of the forest had begun, and little imagination was needed for visualizing its fate. Apprehensive that the pasture, as also the forest, would become prey to human […]

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Bhagwati Shri Karniji Maharaj – A Biography – Part-1

Introduction Religion has profoundly influenced the Indian mind of all ages. Hindus have since time immemorial visualized the Supreme, Omnipotent, power as Shiva and Shakti. Shaivs worship the Universal Power as Shiva while adherents of the Shakti cult are called Shaktas, A Shakta obtains from Shakti the same affection, nourishment, and wish-fulfillment as a person gets from his mother. The Shakta, therefore, visualizes and worships the Supreme power as Mother. On the authority of the Puranas and other holy texts, it can be said that Shakti has appeared in a human form whenever impiety exceeded limits and the world was […]

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Bhagwati Shri Karniji Maharaj – A Biography – Kr. Kailash Dan S. Ujwal I.A.S.

स्वीकृति शुभ समपै सगत, आ उर अंगे आस,
थारी पोथी माँ थने, करै नजर कैलास।।१
पूज्य मात तव प्रेरणा, अंतर हुवो उजास,
अरपै पोथी आपने, कर जौड़्यों कैलास।।२

Kailashdan Shiva Datta Ujjwal (IAS)[…]

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ग़ज़ल – ख़ामख़ा ही क्यों किसी से वैर पाला आपने

ख़ामख़ा ही क्यों किसी से वैर पाला आपने,
क्यों किसी की आबरू पे कीच डाला आपने

बेवजह ही वहम पाला या अहम में पड़ गए,
खून अपना व्यर्थ में ही क्यों उबाला आपने

आपका ही का ‘हेड’ था ओ ‘टेल’ भी थी आपकी,
क्यों मगर हर बार फिर सिक्का उछाला आपने

छाँह में जिनके पली हैं पादपों की पीढियां,
प्रेम के उन बरगदों को ना संभाला आपने[…]

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